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For Employers

Prioritize personal well-being to generate organizational well-being

The drivers of human well-being add up synergistically to drive organizational well-being – in particular, vision, meaning and purpose, inclusion, empowerment, relationships, growth, creative collaboration, innovation, and resilience. Helping each human in your organization find and engage in their own formula for well-being is one of the best investments you can make in organizational well-being, performance, and retention.

Customize well-being coaching programs

You can offer a set number of coaching hours or sessions per year to each employee, or target employees at risk for chronic disease or burnout or under extreme work or leadership pressures. If your organization is self-insured for healthcare costs, Wellcoaches coaches can bill your insurance program using new CPT codes for health and well-being coaching services. Employees can continue working with their coaches on a self-pay basis.


Assess and track de-identified outcomes

Wellcoaches coaches use a secure, electronic coaching record that allows coaching clients to assess all domains of well-being before and after their coaching programs, along with a variety of coaching tools. Your employees can choose the data they want to track – work/life well-being, mental health, healthy lifestyle, and positive emotions. 


Support employee well-being

Wellcoaches can provide a small team (3-5) up to a large team (100+) of coaches to work with your leaders and employees. In parallel or as an alternative, the Wellcoaches School of Coaching can train and support your own internal well-being coaches.

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