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About Us

Wellcoaches Network

The Wellcoaches Network of well-being coaches are select graduates of the Wellcoaches School of Coaching, the leading coaching school in well-being which has trained 14,000 coaches in 50 countries since 2002.

Wellcoaches coaches master an innovative, high impact, science-based coaching process that leverages the why and how of transformational change.


We love what we do and have the deepest respect for what matters to you. We are "all in" in supporting your vision for health and well-being.

They embody the best coaching qualities in their support of customers and are committed to continuous professional development. Our team doesn't just provide great customer service, they are also experts and leaders in the field. 

Our Wellcoaches Team sets the highest possible standard of program delivery, customer service, and business development.

Meet Our Team

Margaret Moore

CEO, Founder

Erika Jackson

Chief Coaching Officer

Rosie Hunter

Executive Assistant and Project Manager

Diana Diamantopoulos

Relationship Manager

Simon Matthews

Psychologist & Lead Coach

Kelly Davis Martin

Behavioral Health Expert & Coach

Michael Scholtz

Exercise Specialist & Coach

Darlene Trandel

Nurse Practitioner & Coach

Maura Rawn


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