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Now’s your time to groove.

Our yearning to help ourselves and others groove, to be well, has come alive in pandemic times. The science of coaching and the science of well-being are rich with ways for you to upgrade your physical, psychological, life, and work well-being. You can count on Wellcoaches coaches to be masterful, coaching on the creative edge.

Great coaches!

We have 10 Wellcoaches coaches on our team. Our program satisfaction scores always land above 95% and we’ve received numerous testimonials acknowledge coaching support as the key driver of achieving their health and well-being goals. The Wellcoaches model has been paramount to the success of our program. Thank you Wellcoaches!

Indiana University Healthcare

Wellness Manager

My soul feels at its best destination

When you first signed on to work with me, I felt so honored.  As we've worked together, you've proven to be EXACTLY as you said you would be, "strong, caring and resourceful"!  I'd like to add kind, wise and just a lovely, lovely soul!  I continually feel blessed having you in my life and am filled with wonder at how your guidance has taken me to such a settled place so quickly.  I will forever be grateful to you for opening your precious heart and time to me. Thank you for another thought provoking and challenging session today!  


Coaching Client

What our customers are saying

Who Is


Wellcoaches is a global pioneer, leader, and innovator in the coaching field, particularly in well-being at the intersection of mind, body, work, and life. Mastering our innovative and science-based process of well-being coaching, our coaches have helped hundreds of thousands of people discover their personal formulas to upgrade their well-being, work, and lives. Students of Wellcoaches School of Coaching can count on becoming competent and confident Coaches.

1. Our Coaching Psychology Manual is our field’s textbook 

2. 22 published studies with 30,000 coaching clients – learn more

3. Employers seek Wellcoaches Certification. Job Board
4. 94% NBHWC exam pass rate by Certified Wellcoaches (1,000 strong)

5. Everyone is welcome, with simplified prerequisites

6. You can become Wellcoaches Certified or National Board Eligible in 6 to 9 months. 

7. We are your most affordable coaching training partner

How Am I Doing, Really?

What Is Well-Being?

Well-being isn’t a destination;  it’s the experience of more and more moments of feeling well, of thriving, of being in your groove. What generates these feelings are habits that you discover through experimenting and learning.


Thanks to thousands of scientists, we have a library of habits for you to consider, for the mind, body, work and life.

How Will Wellcoaching Benefit Me?

Set your compass direction and then go further and faster than you can do alone.

Get acquainted with your strengths, skills and desires.

You will get to tell your story and be deeply listened to. 

Discover self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-respect. 
Feel engaged, energized, and challenged to reach higher at the right moment. 
Get to experience playfulness, take leaps and be curious.
Be encouraged to feel what you feel in order to find wisdom.
Experience change and nourishing growth.

For Healthcare Systems

Wellcoaches Healthcare can integrate health and well-being coaches into your healthcare teams, including financial and billing models, and an electronic coaching record (for coaches) and coaching app (for patients). We can help you quickly ramp up a team of external coaches, while training and supporting your in-house coaches. We can also provide private coaching for members of your healthcare teams to help them through stress and burnout, which was escalated over the last several years.

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For Employers

Investing in coaching for individual well-being creates a foundation of organizational well-being - vitality, purpose, creativity, agility, performance, and retention. We can provide a team of well-being coaches (2 to 100+) and/or train a team of internal well-being coaches through the Wellcoaches School of Coaching.

Health and Well-Being

Health and well-being coaching focuses on mind and body well-being. Coaches help you engage consistently in your optimal habits that generate health and vitality - nutrition, weight, sleep, or physical, mental or emotional fitness and well-being.

Stress and Burnout

Stress at work or home makes it hard to thrive and be at your best. Burnout leaves you feeling exhausted and depleted. Wellcoaches coaches understand what elevates your work well-being, how to transform your stressors into growth and find your groove.

Executive Well-Being

If your extreme work life demands that you perform like a “corporate athlete”, you can partner with a coach skilled in peak performance to support you in addressing and outgrowing the strains and pressures that never seem to let up.

What kinds of Wellcoaching are available?

Who is the Wellcoaches Network?


The Wellcoaches Network of well-being coaches are select graduates of the Wellcoaches School of Coaching, the leading coaching school in well-being which has trained 14,000 coaches in 50 countries since 2002.


Wellcoaches coaches master an innovative, high impact, science-based coaching process that leverages the why and how of transformational change.


Enjoy an inspiring and energizing process that turns your aspirations into real change - expanding your mindset, seeing around your blind spots, and finding your formula of new habits of mind, body, work, and life.

How Wellcoaching Works

A Wellcoach is your expert partner on your path to getting better in mind, body, work and life - further and faster than you can do alone. Your coach will help you clarify your aspirations, inspire and energize motivation, upgrade confidence, find growth opportunities, and reach goals that have been out of reach. Wellcoaches coaches are particularly skilled at helping you find and navigate through your obstacles and blind-spots, often where your view of yourself and your potential is incomplete. Your coach will also help you cultivate a new toolbox of habits of mind and body, turning your aspirations into the results you want.

How do we know it works?

  • The Wellcoaches process has been researched since 2009.

  • 22 studies have been published in scientific journals.

  • The studies involved 194 coaches delivering 128,076 coaching sessions to 30,984 clients. 

  • Wellcoaching improves burnout, well-being, healthy lifestyles, cancer quality of life, fibromyalgia pain, heart disease risks, diabetes, and tobacco use.

  • ALL of the studies had positive outcomes.

Option 02

We will find well-being coaches who are a great fit for your organization. Contact us today!

Option 01

Complete your well-being inventory and reflect - how well are you coaching yourself?

Where might you want to get better?


How to get started

Let's find you a coach, so you can find your groove.

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